Why We Started

Being involved in furniture-making for the last 20 years, through our partner company, The Office Store, we noticed that our design-savvy clients are rapidly demanding products that are more contemporary & unique. Sava Homes was created to provide furniture that is bold & exciting, using exceptionally high-quality materials. In doing so, we provide today’s younger generation of designers & homeowners with new ways of re-balancing their at home experience. We adhere to a modernist ethic of furniture-making, which believes that simplicity is key to unclogging space & for allowing energy to flow.


Our production of solid-wood furniture, including doors, flooring and chairs, all happens at our factory in Oregun. There, one can find all the latest German & Italian machinery for  solid-wood production. Operating those machinery are skilled, local carpenters who have effectively adapted their craft to an industry scale.


Sava Homes is a family run business with a long pedigree in fashion and retail dating back to 1912. Our ethic and values are derived from our family history.  After leaving from his home in Sindh (then in India), our forefather Duhlanomal Savalani settled in Hong Kong where he established a thriving tailoring business. 

The shop, Savalani Silk Stores, crafted beautiful evening gowns, sundresses, hats, suits and black ties. From tailoring we then ventured into shipping.  Not only did we learn lessons in materials and catering to customer needs, but also the moral that transplanting or reconfiguring space is the best way to make new beginnings.

Pritam Savalani

Sava Homes Founder, Pritam Savalani, started his journey as businessman in Hong Kong, before settling in Lagos 34 years ago. From trading goods to setting up a bicycle industry, he then established The Office Store, a leading manufacturer of Office Furniture in Nigeria.  A true entrepreneur he further expanded into home furniture and broadened our solid-wood manufacturing range.

Janhavi Savalani

Our Creative Director and Co Founder Janhavi Savalani, from Kuala Lumpur, has had 16 years of experience in luxury retail, having dealt with fine jewelry. Also a certified fashion designer, Janhavi understands how fabric, material and textures can be combined elaborately to create a stunning composition. In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga and used to teach advanced classes. 

Arjun Savalani

An enigmatic mechanical engineer, brought up in Lagos with a thumb for designing. This wannabe artist who placed first in Engineering school at the University of Warwick has already produced some extraordinary pieces that are dotted around Lagos, from Nike Art Gallery to the ceiling at Churchgate Tower. At such a ripe, young age this designer has already inked his finger on Nigeria’s interior design scene.

Manoj Savalani

Sava Homes’ young, bright retail manager, who is brought up in Lagos. Manoj is passionate about wood, formulating new products with the production team and meeting with customers. He is enthusiastic about design and art movements, having studied Art History in Durham University.  He is very detailed and thorough with the organization of our set up, considering his legal background.

Vinay Savalani

An energetic, young salesman born and raised in Mumbai, Vinay Savalani loves nothing more than meeting people and helping customers find the right fit. If you live in Lagos, chances are that you know Vinay or know people that know Vinay. Vinay is also a musician and plays the guitar poetically.